Hue = Color
Mon = Man
Contact + Touch
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Heart Beats

I have KnowBody and the mind of JAH… I enter through your ears and live in your heart.

Inner Space Iz The Place EP

Innerspace Iz The Place EP

Greetings carbon based beings,

First of all I have to give thanks and praise to The CosMosHigh…

Here’s my first EP for 2010. It was released on 01.26.10, this collection of songs is an auditory journey into inner space, a world that many never explore and overstand. In the next few days I’ll breakdown the meaning and symbolism behind these compositions. I’ll start by breaking down the first song: Inner space Introvert… The song starts with the lyric “I’m completely operational and my circuits are functioning perfectly”. (you’ll when 100 cool points if you know where the sample is from) it’s my way of saying I’m in tune and ready to embark on this inner journey… It’s also my way of saying I just blazed some good herb and my brain/circuits are functioning at at a level that can’t be bound by the rules of this world. My kind surfs on wavs of sound and cannot be bound by space or time…

Robot Johnson 1.0 EP coming soon.

Robot Johnson 1.0Robot Johnson 1.0Robot Johnson 1.0

I’m sitting infront of the controls of my BassShip working on my blues singing android codename Robot Johnson 1.0. Here’s one of the songs I programed for him.

HueMonContact - Come On In by HueMonConTact

Greetings Carbon Based Lifeforms


My name is HueMonContact… Hue=color Mon=Man/Monster Contact=Touch.         I’ve materialized on earth to communicate with and study the people of this world.  I’ve been hidden in the inner city of Los Angeles since the 70’s, I’m made up of sound and vibration. You can feel my soul through your speakers.

HueMonContact - My Favorite Things by HueMonConTact